Case Study

Retention and Win-back Powered by Customer Experience Analytics



When the client first sought HGS’s services, the company was in its first year of partnership with a large BPO firm, and being overshadowed by this firm’s larger clients. The client was dissatisfied with understaffing and underservicing. Additionally, training and retention complexities caused basic service levels and abandon rate contractual service metrics to be missed.

The resulting reactive business model was not in alignment with the client’s own strategy and growth. As a result, this client shifted to HGS’s more attentive service focus and a partnership of innovative Compliments & Complaints Management

Our Solution

HGS developed a four-pronged solution, aimed at using our contact centers and innovation to better support the customer experience. Our quick-response team and creative solutions have focused on winning back the trust of dissatisfied customers, to the net effect of these Top 4 solutions and results:

1. Business Insights

 How We Do It

In October 2017, HGS launched Facebook and Twitter social media monitoring and engagement support for this client partner. We started with a team of 26 team members—21 in Peoria (including 2 team leads), and 5 insourced at our client’s location, including an analyst. HGS worked with

the client to align to the engagement process manual, including parameters for complaints and concerns, as well as appropriate language aligned to client corporate culture and supportive of our brand ambassador role. At our first line of social media support for this client, we review and write posts—assigning content tags to high specificity— that are then sent to another tier of senior team members, for approval. As part of this review, HGS staff members are triaging contacts by client priority, for possible PR or crisis management. Additionally, HGS team members provides research such as profile vetting of those who post to the client account, to ensure our responses and engagement do not engage controversial posts. HGS also collaborates with the client’s agency for marketing campaign support.

Business Result

HGS provides social media support within a tight turnaround of four-hour response time, to support 90 engagements per day, for this client partner. We plan to expand this support to further scale client ROI in terms of indicating campaign responses as well as number of engagements versus mentions.

2. Continuous Improvement

How We Do It

We continually reassess and remodel contact processes with an annual review of our work flow system, capturing data points to drive superior operations and business growth.

Business Result

Recent work flow process changes include transitioning all calls to a “tell-me-about-it “ listening approach, starting calls with, “Thanks for calling, How can I help you?” As a result, CSAT has improved in areas of connectivity, responsiveness, and brand support, with high rankings in operational process improvements and responsiveness to changing conditions.

3. Knowledge Management

How We Do It

We worked with the client to build a database of product knowledge and customer service best practices, based on agent experience in handling both compliments and complaints.

​​​​​​Business Result

The client’s 800 number is handled by HGS, with a 24-hour turnaround time on all questions and complaints. Our email team sends on average 30,000 emails to client customers monthly.

4. Customer Feedback

How We Do It

We developed and disseminated Follow-Up Surveys to mediate franchisees’ contact with dissatisfied customers.

Business Result

Based on information and ideas gleaned from our follow-up studies of dissatisfied customers, HGS has been able to recover the customer in 75% of cases.