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Saving 62% of Damage Claims, Boosting CSAT for Lawn and Garden Products Leader

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In 2016, there was a pressing need to drive B2C focus for a division of a global leader in agriculture, specialty, and home garden products. With background driving consumer-centric service excellence and employing digital and solution innovation to drive real outcomes for the parent company, HGS was chosen as a proven client advocate and ambassador. From the onset of this partnership, HGS has been committed to wins on two fronts—significant cost savings with negotiation of damaged claims, and breakthrough CSAT increases as a result of optimized service delivery.

The client has not been disappointed in their digital and workflow innovation expectations of HGS. In the past two years, HGS has achieved significant success on two fronts—client cost savings
with reengineering of damage claims handling and optimized customer engagement with the introduction of HGS’s DigiCHAT, DigiSOCIAL, and use of the Facebook Messenger platform.

Our Solution

1. Negotiating and Investigating Damage Claims How We Do It

HGS works closely with the client and primary account contact
to focus on cost efficiencies. As a true brand advocate and ambassador, HGS introduces the client- and customer-first mindset from day one. Onboarding and training includes significant emphasis on cross-selling and upselling opportunities and tactics— from rebates to damages claims management as well as detailedproduct education regarding lawn care products, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides.

Stringent scripting for damage claims calls—from wrong product mix ratio to customer product misuse—focuses on empathetic complaint handling and assessment, with first response problem solving aimed at the chief objective of credit. HGS also has developed and built on a process to research claims—even
using maps technology to determine location of complaint, to triage claims, and avoid nonessential costs. While maintaining a customer service excellence mindset, HGS has been able to employ communication and escalation avoidance to drive down payouts for the client. In fact, to counter any losses, HGS sends rebates to customers to support cross-sell potential.

Business Result

With HGS’s customer service and claims management innovation, HGS continues to deliver higher rates of cost savings for the client. Last year, HGS negotiated away the majority of damage claims, for a 62% cost savings for the client.


2. CSAT Improvement

How We Do It

CSAT is highly important to this client, as the company is positioningitself to include more demographics and meet these customerswhere they are in the CX technology curve. The client looked to HGS’s digital expertise and innovation, and HGS responded with DigiCHAT, Facebook Messenger, and DigiSOCIAL. These solutions have effectivelydriven brand awareness, provided channel choice, and reducedcustomer effort—all to drive a CSAT transformation for the client. Employee engagement, as with the product education and agent development, has been key to these positive CSAT results.

Additionally, HGS ensures agents are highly educated on product lines. This is supported by consistent communication with the client (including R&D conferences and field testing site visits) and product laboratories on floor for agent reference.

Business Result

CSAT improved to 89%, 86%, 83% averages.


3. Post-Call Survey Response
How We Do It

HGS employs a post-call customer survey to keep a steady pulse on the customer satisfaction at the top of the list for the client. These surveys measure satisfaction with Products by Region, Service by Region, Brand Loyalty, and Response Time. Data is gathered and segmented by Midwest, Northeast, South, and West regions of the U.S. customer base.

Business Result

Notable with the positive CSAT results is one key fact: HGS’s service is often rated even higher than product satisfaction. Per most recent tracking, the HGS team delivered an 89% CSAT for “Satisfaction
with Rep’s Professionalism by Region.” And, HGS’s service results in response to the client’s objective of a fast, frictionless experience for the clients? The client’s customers recognized HGS’s “right answer, fast” mission with an 86% score for “Satisfaction with Amount of Time it Took to Resolve Issue by Region.”

HGS’s continual benchmarking and monitoring of these reportsendures that the sky is the limit for improvement with these numbers

Looking Ahead

The client has been very appreciative of the engagement, flexibility, strategic planning, and cooperation from HGS. Their feedback has been highly positive—notably in regard to digital solutions brought to the table, as well as workforce management flexibility to meet seasonal needs.

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