Case Study

Significant Cost Savings and Retention for a Leading Telecom Provider



In July 2012 the UK telco giant, TalkTalk, agreed to a deal that would see HGS take over its contact centre operation in Preston, Lancashire and continue working to make it a centre of excellence for customer retention while driving down the overall operational costs. HGS carried out the transition while improving morale and productivity. We were also required to hire agents with the right skill sets — service, tech, and sales skills — and provide relevant and high-quality training to teams to ensure targets were met while quality and compliance requirements were fulfilled. We also had to handle TUPE transfers skillfully.

There was a lack of workflow processes and understanding of customer journeys. Tickets were being raised indiscriminately increasing the load on TalkTalk’s back office, and this load had to be reduced. HGS also had to receive complaints on behalf of TalkTalk from multiple internal departments such as OFCOM, Citizens Advice, solicitors, and complaints made directly to TalkTalk’s chief executive, and resolve them completely within 56 days. This was the final internal complaint process before a customer escalated to the regulatory body for auto resolution, so it was crucial to resolve complaints within the set timeframe. TalkTalk also needed an onshore partner that could confidently support new pilot programs and initiatives.


We educated the client about Contact Handle Time (CHT) and introduced an outbound validation check to decrease outbound call volumes and improve First Call Resolution (FCR) and CHT.

We created Jigsaw, a new system that collated insights and tracked calls, duration, and FCR reporting to TalkTalk on a weekly basis. This helped track repeat calls, identify call drivers, reward top performers, and focus on coaching for bottom performers.

We formed a team of CEO complaints case managers and subject matter experts with skills in multiple areas to work on resolving complaints at the highest standard. These agents have the skill to handle complaints regarding provisioning issues, technical faults, contract disputes, billing issues, and general customer complaints. Within each skill set there lies subprocesses in handling these complaints. The agents liaise with various other departments to resolve the customer complaint.

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