Case Study

Streamlining Reporting and Business Processes for a Major Non-profit Organization



The client was facing significant challenges with reporting and data gathering, according to Kurt Leopoldino, Lead Analyst, Account Management & Sales. The customer data the health plan was receiving from various accounts had to be pulled from multiple systems, which proved immensely time-consuming for report creation. In many cases, data was kept in account executives’ personal files, and blanket e-mails had to be distributed to gather additional information.

According to the client, if they needed to know more about their products, membership, or revenue, they had to pull pieces of information from all these different systems to generate a requested report. Their biggest challenge was the effort required to get all their data from various systems and then merge it to create an actionable report. Sometimes they had to go to four or five different systems to get what they needed. The client wanted a CRM solution that could easily capture and store all of this information from various accounts and prospects, so when a reporting request would come in, they could just go to the CRM system, pull whatever data was needed, and get a report quickly.

The organization wanted a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, designed specifically for the health insurance industry, which could easily capture the desired data and turn it into a readable, actionable report. Leveraging Colibrium, the client implemented Tuo 360 for its large-group marketplace. Mr. Leopoldino was assigned to supervise the implementation, which was on a tight, six-month timeframe and considered a corporate priority project.

“Our initial scope was just for our large groups. We currently have a system for our small and individual group plans, but we wanted to test this solution with the large groups,” Mr. Leopoldino said. “We wanted to improve the workflows within the sales process, but the first priority was to get the data elements that we needed and easily provide us with the reports that we wanted.”

Our Solution

After researching a number of vendors, the client decided to move forward with Colibrium because of its exclusivity in healthcare, as well as its quick standup.

“All of Colibrium’s solutions are geared toward healthcare—and that was a challenge we had dealing with other vendors,” Mr. Leopoldino said. “But Colibrium knows the business. Their solution is geared toward providing a solution for challenges unique to healthcare, so you don’t need to worry about all the extras another vendor might provide that bring no value because it’s not geared toward healthcare.” 

Improvement in workflows, data gathering, and report generation

In addition to data gathering and report generation, the client leveraged Tuo 360 to improve and standardize the workflows of the association’s account executives—how data is entered and retrieved from the CRM, for example. The solution is currently being leveraged by client account management and sales, as well as a leadership team of managers and directors, account executives, service representatives, and reporting analysts. Mr. Leopoldino said that eventually the underwriting team will be part of the system.
Mr. Leopoldino added that health plan advisors (HPAs) would also be folded into the Tuo 360 workflow, so they can easily extract data for open-enrollment presentations, then input the results of those presentations into Tuo 360 for easy retrieval.


  • All data for customers and prospects are now stored on Tuo 360, eliminating the administrative burdens associated with utilizing multiple information systems for report generation.
  • Data silos are reduced among account leadership, management and sales, account executives, service representatives, and reporting analysts.
  • Data extraction is simplified, with no need to bog down Information Services department with data-gathering requests.
  • Tuo 360 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook email and calendars. E-mails are saved automatically in Tuo 360, and account executives can easily schedule appointments with customers and prospects and quickly upload notes from those meetings.