Case Study

Support for CSAT and Customer Complaint Resolution for a Major Automotive Manufacturer


The Indian automotive industry is fast evolving, in terms of growth and innovation, while customer support and service are also becoming increasingly important. Companies have been providing in- house customer support; however, the industry landscape is broadening, with more options for efficient and effective customer care and domain expertise.


The client, a leading Indian automotive manufacturer, wanted HGS to provide support in handling customer complaints and answering customer queries, with a focus on enhanced CSAT.
HGS provides pan-India multi-lingual support to the client, and agents are trained to transfer calls based on the customer’s language request. HGS sorts customer calls into categories like breakdown calls, service calls, and new enquiries, to facilitate easier and better resolution.

Our Solution


Applied Data Analytics

We used data analytics to ensure optimal workforce management during peak call times. Optimization of service provision during peak hours improved the time of response. The client was also able to improve productivity and efficiency.


Driving Post-Service Driving Post-Service Feedback and CSAT

The client provides HGS with the raw data seven days after the dealer completes the customer vehicle restoration. Two dedicated agents place outbound calls to client customers seven days after service, and HGS collates customer feedback. Using agents for the survey process provides HGS the flexibility of modifying the survey questions in real time based on customer responses. This ensures that we are accurately recording every detail of the customer’s feedback. It also helps agents better gauge customer sentiment. Each customer’s complaint is unique and will be handled differently, which changes the customer’s post-service experience driving the vehicle. We have segmented feedback categories into more areas. This is helping categorize customer responses more accurately. The CRM now categorizes customer responses into different segments. The client is now able to understand customer responses and more effectively resolve unique and recurring customer problems.
HGS has also implemented strong and comprehensive training practices and quality enhancing practices to ensure better CSAT and quality.


Developed CRM for Better Customer Service

HGS developed a proprietary CRM, which is used to record call data and generate reports and emails. Using the CRM, auto emails are triggered to the dealer, the internal team at HGS, and client headquarters. We tailored the CRM to suit the needs of an automobile manufacturer, specifically to suit the needs of this client by adding pre-populated automotive issues related to engine malfunction, spare part availability, electrical system failures, and gear shift problems, to help agents more efficiently record customer complaints. The CRM also tracks the time of complaint registration, dealer response, and restoration.
Earlier, the client was facing a delay while generating reports. With the application of the CRM developed by HGS, creating reports was easier with all the call and email data available on one platform.


On-time Support for Customer Complaint

HGS now supports service-related complaints such as providing roadside assistance for breakdowns, product complaints (where vehicle is running but with issues), dealer support complaints, general enquiries (about the client, nearest dealer, warranty queries), sales (vehicles enquiries, and calls about vehicle ads). Dealers need to respond to the customer within 12 hours, and vehicle restoration must be completed within 48 hours. HGS provides the client with end-to-end complaint management, from complaint registration to following up with dealers once the restoration is complete in a closed-loop process. The dealers send us a confirmation email once they finish the vehicle restoration process. The IVR sets the expectation that the customer will receive a call back within 24 hours (if they are calling outside the regular business hours of 8 AM and 8 PM).
When handling vehicle and spare parts sales enquiries, we use the CRM to record details of the customer sales query and then forward it to the client sales manager. We provide information about the vehicle and its features excluding the price details.



  • Service level score of 88% vs client SLA of 80% calls (in 30 secs)
  • Achieved CSAT score of 83% vs initial score of 77%
  • Abandon rate of 4% vs client SLA of 5%
  • Ensuring customer vehicle restoration within the client's 12-hour and 48-hour timeframes enhancing CSAT

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