Case Study

Supporting DME Provider Growth with Stellar Collections


At a time of shifting priorities, a large home healthcare and equipment provider was seeking expertise to meet critical growth objectives. This organization needed a partner with revenue cycle know-how to accelerate collections for cash flow and support growth. The client chose HGS for our two decades of expertise, global footprint, and ability to scale. Within a few years, HGS demonstrated the innovation and scalability to double the size and scope of the engagement.


• Suspended Billing

• Payer Change

• Insurance Accounts Receivable

• Self-Pay (Inbound and Outbound)



How We Do It

From the outset of the partnership, HGS worked closely with the client to transform collections. This started with HGS’s initial study, created to assess collection strategies, and, in particular, specific practices. HGS researched self-pay collections strategies and created one tailored to the client, built on scripting and optimal call times. We worked with the client’s recommendations to sharpen the outreach. 

Next, HGS established a stringent, highly structured process to hire and retain seasoned, talented staff, with domain expertise gleaned from many years focused on revenue cycle management (RCM). HGS understood the need for a front-line focused on developing best practices and incentivizing to drive excellence. To this point, HGS transformed hiring to create a healthcare collections culture geared toward top performance. This meant starting to hire for a friendly, empathetic personality type that is also balanced with an assertive, outcomes-based drive with good analytical and negotiations skills. Our new focus resulted in a substantial scale of hiring, with 35 FTEs focused on outbound only and a ramp including inbound for a total of 150 team members focused on collections and patient-friendly collections and customer service.

HGS has retained these strong performers at 3% monthly attrition. We have achieved this with extensive training, which is consistent and customized to the agent’s needs. Agents learn from different call scenarios. Every quarter, HGS monitors and follows up to ensure training needs are met. This includes one full day of negotiating training, manual calling and patientfriendly collection tactics, to ensure agents are empowered to collect. Due to the complex nature of the process, training is imperative to ensure HGS has highly seasoned agents for critical thinking, empathy, accuracy, and customer care expertise.

HGS agents are also driven by strong career pathing and an incentives program focused on negotiating skills such as partial payment follow-ups. This includes making calls at optimal times of the day, with Workforce Management and Business Excellence in direct support of this labor and dedicated service focus.

HGS also provides gamification to incentivize agents. With this program, every day HGS team members spin a wheel for a prize like monetary awards, paid time off, or meal coupons. These engagement strategies include both monthly and quarterly recognition of top performers.