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Supporting, Improving Finance and Accounts Operations for one of the Largest Private Banks in India

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In 2012, one of the largest private banks in India was experiencing delays in processing Payment Request Forms (PRFs), lack of accuracy and quality issues. The business was looking for a partner who could provide strong support and improvise on these and other crucial areas related to finance and accounting operations. The company chose HGS as a result of our strong customer care expertise and proven performance in Finance and Accounting operations and other HRO functions.

The goals focused on were:

SLA Adherence: Delay in processing PRFs, misplaced documents after entering the system, tracking mechanism after entering into the system, lack of quality and performance management process, delay and accuracy in daily client reports, delay in objection resolution and mail response and repetition of queries

Workflow Management: Appropriate work distribution among employees, work bottlenecks due to inter-team dependencies, low level of employee utilization resulting in high cost and generation of performance management reports

Employee: Non-adherence of office timings, absenteeism, lack of accountability and ownership among team leads/members


HGS employed our expertise and process excellence to enhance the current management reporting. We exercised control on the movements of each PRF from one department to another, like moving to the audit department to data entry or the objection desk until the payments are done. We then set a target time for the completion of each stage of processing to ensure that PRF payments are done before the stipulated SLA time.

We also improved the availability of documentation with a stringent control mechanism. We automated the generation of control reports like inward files, query files, good-to-process claims, objection reports, mail circulation reports, and query resolution reports. This helps in workflow distribution and shift planning within the project team and in managing rotations/utilization of an operator to enter data based on the work pressure/volume of respective departments like the inward department/verification team/data entry team/objection team and help desk team. An auto mailer file contains each actionable item on the respective claim form. It helps to decide on work flow and priority of claims and manage stipulated turnaround time for the operator.

HGS also created a tool, the automated data entry file in sync with Outlook, which sends multiple emails with a single command. This email contains mentions against a particular claim mentioned in the excel file. The tool is used by different teams which increases productivity of the operator and also reduces errors. A standardization process in data entry narration helps vendors and the client in better understanding about invoices processed by HGS. Based on the nature of claims, a standard narration is defined, and it is then fed into the financial system while passing an accounting entry. This helps the client in analysing and identifying the particular nature of claims out of an entire ERP dump by sort listing the standard narration.


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