Case Study

Supporting Your Customers through Life Changes


A residential move is a natural time to re-evaluate home service providers, especially home phone, internet and cable service. In examining the customer defection and churn associated with a move, our telecommunications client identified this as a key time to focus on customer retention and increasing customer loyalty

Previously, our client treated this transaction as a “routine service call” but came to realize that a shift in paradigm was required to keep customers loyal and satisfied through this transitional phase in a customer’s life.

Our Solution
Working with our client, HGS identified elements of the existing processes which were not conducive to loyalty building throughout the customer’s move. With moves identified as a highly stressful time in a customer’s life, we found that our client’s processes were not alleviating many aspects of this stress. Move calls were treated as standard “service” transactions; placed in general service queues with no priority or unique targets or goals established. In short, the value and importance of these call types were not recognized and respected. The entire process was treated with a transactional focus and no specialized training or processes were followed.

To leverage the full potential of the customer move, HGS partnered with our client to develop and pilot a “Moves Concierge” solution; a team of dedicated, experienced concierge agents that would directly support the moving customer during every stage of the move; from customer notification to booking the installation, through to the first bill in the new location.

Moving is a Stressful Time…. Couldn’t We All Use An Experienced Personal Assistant?

  • Within this process, customer moves are identified by the incoming IVR and transferred to the highlytrained and specialized team of concierge agents. These agents collect key information and establish clear expectations of the upcoming steps and requirements during the call. They also answer any questions, offer to review services/offerings and identify any untapped savings/bundling potential available to the customer. All voice communications are followed with confirmations over email, ensuring all elements of the move are clearly documented and available to the customer when needed.
  • Acting as a single point of contact, the concierge agent provides a direct access extension to continue to support the customer throughout the move process, handling any change requests, questions, and promptly addressing any concerns the customer has, either by phone or email.
  • The concierge agent also maintains regular contact with the customer throughout the move, touching base with them and ensuring that all elements have been completed to their satisfaction. Proactively identifying and addressing issues allows customers to feel appreciated and removes an element of stress in knowing that their telecommunications company was looking out for them.

The results of our pilot program included:

  • Reducing repeat calls from moving customers from more than 4 to 1.6 calls per move.
  • Reducing churn rates for moving customers by more than 50%.
  • Improving Sales per Contact from 6% to greater than 10% on Moves & Transfer calls.
  • The best evidence of success is demonstrated by the adoption of the “Moves Concierge” solution. It is now steady state; a strategic part of our client’s delivery model.