Case Study

Website Revamp Redefines Brand Strategy for a Boutique Hotel Chain

Travel and Hospitality

About the Client

This client operates a collection of contemporary luxury 5-star boutique hotels in India that have achieved global standards of product quality and service excellence in the hospitality sector.

What the client was looking for…

Our client required HGS to:

  • Redefine their brand through a website revamp
  • Increase brand visibility across the digital medium
  • Create location specific zone landing pages
  • Utilize the lucrative medium of mobile communication

How HGS delivered…

  • Redesigned and rebuilt the website with a strong emphasis on contemporary design and the ability to easily support more microsites with expansion
  • Incorporated SEO in the website structure to increase online traffic
  • Developed a location sensitive structure that recognized the customers' area and displayed corresponding products and services
  • Created a separate mobile website to better engage and attract users at their convenience

How the business transformed…

  • Unique visitors increased by 25% in the first two months
  • Website visitors increased 120% in one year
  • Reduced the customers' time to complete tasks by 56% using single click navigation
  • Enhanced search ranking due to focus on SEO
  • Overall interest in the brand increased significantly including growth in mobile traffic