Case Study

Winning Partnership Equates to DigiCX Excellence for Consumer Products Client


The company chose HGS as an agile and adaptable partner to help realize this vision of an ever expanding product line focused on consumer sleep, health, personal care, cooking, and other daily necessities. And from day one, it has been a true meeting of the minds, demonstrated by an expanding portfolio supported by a strong core team and flexible seasonal support that adapts with the company’s changing, customized portfolio mix. Today, HGS supports 12 brands—a significant increase from the two brands HGS supported on day one.

HGS needed to continue to grow the business and take on more responsibilities to increase revenue and improve consumer experience. With knowledgeable consumer products SMEs, dedicated leadership, and clear partnership alignment, HGS implemented a successful sales program and, since program launch, partners regularly with the product and marketing teams to perform product testing and provide feedback. HGS scaled to accommodate growth, provided solution support, and offered Salesforce reporting and social media support. By implementing DigiCX, HGS creates amazing customer experiences while transforming costs with a closed-loop Unified Customer Experience Strategy®. DigiCX includes HGS DigiCHAT and DigiTEXT.

Under HGS’s leadership, cost has been reduced by managing to volume and cross training agents on other client family programs, which gives us the ability to move cross-trained agents among multiple programs.

  • HGS employed the universal agent model to optimize results for this client and supported and launched 10 brands
  • HGS managed workforce support to grow with the client, while simultaneously improving efficiencies
  • 539% increase in chat support
  • 12% savings with Salesforce reporting
  • 300% increase in social media support