B2B Sales Support

Improving Enterprise Sales with Speed, Effectiveness, and Visibility

Extra Day per Sales Rep per Week
Dedicated Sales Support Rep for Every Sales Rep
Years of Success

Enterprise sales teams feel pressure to drive sales while containing costs. These sometimes conflicting goals can be counterproductive and frustrating to manage. HGS can help.

HGS Sales Support solutions are proven to save sales professionals time, save organizations money, and drive revenue generation through dedicated support teams for your sales engine. Our innovative multi-channel approach and demonstrated sales support processes have enabled our Support Specialists to optimize customer engagements for over 15 years. We work to reduce overall administrative costs within a model that maintains consistency in your sales pipeline.

How we do it:

  • Optimized Salesforce and Business Intelligence: With standardized tool adoption, improved accuracy and better content management through expert trainers, teams gain insight with the support of marketing programs, product development, and better sales targeting.
  • Increased Selling and Relationships Management: Our Sales Support Specialists manage and accelerate your marketing campaigns through cross-functional teamwork and collaboration with your team and key vendors.
  • Reduced Time to Proficiency and Improved Training: Bringing our insight and understanding of your sales methodologies and cycles, our Sales Support team can deliver training to bring your new sales representatives up-to-speed faster.
  • Improved Efficiencies and Enhanced Pipeline Visibility: By mining your sales data, HGS is able to leverage your supply management, customer information, and other detailed sales data for advanced sales analytics and provide real-time sales management reporting that gives your organization greater business insight and visibility.

There would not be enough time in the day to do what a District Sales Manager has to do with his or her own office time. The Sales Support role is needed!

District Sales Manager
Leading Agricultural B2B Company