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Innovation in Learning
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Our HRO, payroll and learning management systems provide the workforce, platforms, and processes to ensure all facets of your business run smoothly.

HGS provides

  • HR Management - Our intelligent on-demand HR Management Information System (HRMIS) helps you track, anticipate, and augment employee performance. HGS integrated RPO services help you quickly scale to meet your emergent business needs, provide access to "hard-to-fill" positions, and respond to fluctuating hiring volumes. From requisition management to assessment, candidate data and status is captured, managed and analyzed. Once resources are on the job, HGS provides analytics services that generate business insights with respect to benefits programs, career planning, employment equity, grievances, benefits claims, certifications, considerations for promotion/transfer, number of dependents, salary, average work-life of an employee, leave usage patterns, education levels, language skills, and training.
  • Payroll Processing - For close to 30 years, HGS has provided fast and flexible payroll processing services that improve productivity and streamline payroll processes by reducing costs, improving service levels and better managing risk. We offer end-to-end payroll solutions, starting from data input to credit into individual employee bank accounts, with built in accounting processes. Our Payroll processing methodologies are seamlessly delivered with world-class technology support and alliances across multiple geographies. In-house technical support and time-tested processes and systems are designed to meet high volumes and structured or unstructured complexities in compensation while maintaining complete confidentiality.
  • Learning Management - HGS Learnovation provides a think tank of experts and innovative thinkers providing instructionally sound course designs for audiences of different competences and subject matter of varying complexity.
    • Provides educational and learning experiences aimed at rapid, impactful, and practical learning.
    • Harnesses the power of social media to customize courses for a versatile audience.
    • Converts traditional teaching experiences to a highly interactive learning environment.
    • Engages students in critical reasoning and problem solving approaches through media rich courses.