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Working Behind the Scenes in Support of an Exceptional Customer Experience

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HGS understands that achieving an exceptional customer experience at every point in the customer journey is not just about what happens in the front office. HGS back office solutions combine strong competence in delivering business process transformation and alliances with best-in-class platform providers.

Seamlessly integrating with your systems and meeting the most stringent security standards, HGS solutions prioritize accuracy, quality, flexibility, scalability and turn-around-time. 

HGS provides

  • Order Processing - Payment recording, dispute investigation, dispute settlement, bill generation, bill dispatch, transaction reconciliation, payment break-up plan.
  • Order Fulfillment - Promotion items and samples in single-piece orders to specific end-user consumers, or bulk shipments to events or dealers. HGS's browser-based warehouse management software uses bar codes on all SKUs, and provides warehouse efficiency by issuing instructions to warehouse workers, validating operations, updating inventory by location, and interfacing with a host system. With the ability to manage and monitor each phase and detail of warehouse processes and actions, HGS optimizes warehouse operations. Ultimately, this results in cost savings to our client partners.
  • Claims Processing - Account creation, policy issuance, loan origination, payment calculation, risk assessment, KYC processing.
  • Underwriting - Rules-based underwriting, automation, case management, rating and rate class assignment.
  • Data Management & Processing - Document management and file processing.
  • Account Management - Account maintenance, account level modifications, account/ taxation reconciliation.
  • Fraud Detection - Rules-based, transaction-level fraud detection, including check fraud detection, new account risk review, KYC revision, AML checks, and OFT transactions.
  • Fraud Management - Transaction fraud request handling, account level fraud request handling, and KYC/ AML record correspondence.
  • Revenue Cycle Management - HGS Extended Business Office Solutions (EBOS) has a proven track record of exceeding client expectations for financial clearance, coding accuracy, cash recoveries and denial reversals when compared to our clients' historic performance.
  • Payer & Provider Services - HGS is a leader in providing end-to-end services to the healthcare industry for both payers and providers, including 5 of the top 10 healthcare payers and over 10 large hospital groups in the US.
  • Loyalty Program Management - Account retention, loyalty / retention programs, customer / account retention, and product retention
  • Finance & Accounting - HGS F&A solutions include accounts payable and receivable, general ledger, fixed asset accounting, and compliance and reporting.