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Your Customers Are Talking, the World is Listening

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Social media is one of the fastest growing communication channels of all times. If you're not successfully monitoring and managing this channel, your competition could be taking advantage.

HGS helps you mine, manage and benefit from the enormous wealth of customer data and customer interactions of social media. By not just hearing your customers, but listening and responding in a way that delivers seamless, loyalty building customer experience excellence, HGS makes your social media channels a true extension of your brand. Our solutions help build your brand image, build followers and promote a positive reputation.

  • Campaign Management - Creating a social buzz and promoting products socially is an HGS specialty. We have driven tens of millions of positive sentiments and impressions for Berger Paints, and we can help drive your social media success too!
  • Forum Management - Helping you create and manage forums and communities for customer engagement is an innovative way HGS brings a cohesive, brand building social media strategy.
  • Listening /Monitoring - Robust listening/monitoring solutions allow you to truly hear what your customers are saying. HGS helps gather and mine this valuable information to give you actionable business insight.
  • Interaction/Query Response - More and more customers are reaching out to your company for standard inquiries and customer care. Responding to queries over social channels enables you to deflect calls from the contact center and address issues in a more cost effective "one to many" rather than "one to one" channel.
  • Crisis/Complaints Management - Some customers are the loudest socially when they are dissatisfied. Don't let these few customers be the voice of your social channels. HGS leverages proven customer loyalty strategies to defuse heated social media situations, rebuild customer relationships, and turn dissatisfied customers into brand champions.