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In these times of digital revolution and rapidly changing technology, customers sometimes still need to "speak to a real person". Whether it's to address highly detailed/complex questions, troubleshoot or walk through technical issues in real time, or simply to provide a phone option for those who are not digitally savvy or unable to access digital channels, voice solutions are still a critical part of the overall customer experience.

At HGS, our foundation is direct, award-winning voice communication. We will always understand and place value on the personal touch. With innovative ways to improve the customer experience and drive excellence into every interaction like our customer experience blueprint, we truly understand how to be your brand champions over the voice channel. Our clients engage and grow with us because we've unlocked the key to representing their brand and building loyalty, one call at a time.

HGS provides

  • Basic Self-Serve Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - We streamline calls through simple, easy to use IVRs that make it easy for your customer to reach the right person, the first time.
  • Biometric IVR Solutions - Enhanced technology allows for digital voice authentication, providing extra layers of security to confidential and sensitive information.
  • P3 Solutions - P3 (Phone Payment Processing) provides PCI compliant integration with digital payment systems, where users input payment information undetectable to the agent. This offers an extra layer of security and increased peace of mind for your customers.
  • Collaborative Service - We provide collaboration options that allow agents to extend a voice call to a digital channel and then work collaboratively with your customer to resolve technical support issues with ease.