DigiCX Services

Reimagining and Redefining the Customer Experience

Seamless and smart, DigiCX® is redefining the customer experience. We are not following the rules of how service has always been delivered. Instead, we are incubating innovative ideas and implementing savvy new ways to connect with consumers. We give customers the support they need, when and where they want it, 24/7, in a totally seamless and unified environment.

Service is a two-way conversation, and DigiCX® provides the tools to meet the needs of customers before they even know they have them. We employ advanced artificial intelligence to provide dynamic self-service. We give the customer the most convenient channel for quick resolution—text, chat, web, social, and voice. And through advanced analytics, we empower service ambassadors with actionable data and help determine when and where they can add value. The result is personalized service that builds loyalty, reduces costs, and creates customers for life.

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Provide a web chat session either on-demand, or through proactive pop-up invitations triggered by customer behavior (such as, number of clicks or amount of time spent on the page), or on more sophisticated customer profile and business rules. Customers' questions or concerns are serviced securely through either an automated (virtual) or live agent, depending on complexity and sensitivity, via web, smartphone, tablet, or any other connected, web-enabled device.

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The right answer for you and your customers, DigiWEB® yields real outcomes, from improved CSAT and NPS to faster customer query resolution, reduced shopping cart abandonment, enhanced experience, and cost-containment via deflection of contacts from higher-cost channels such as voice.

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Allow customers to channel pivot from phone (IVR) to text, chat to text, web to text, or email to text and back again. As part of the HGS unified CX strategy, DigiTEXT® employs text analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence (integrated with core CRM and other systems), which are all critical components of HGS Digital Natural Assist (DNA). DigiTEXT® drives learning and continuous experience and resolution optimization (such as location and CRM integration for personalization).

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