Mobile-Friendly Support for a Better Customer Experience

According to Harris Poll, 64% of consumers with texting capabilities would prefer to use texting over voice.

Is your business speaking the preferred language of your customers? HGS's DigiTEXT® augments your traditional call center offerings with a solution that allows customers the ability to channel pivot from phone (IVR) to text, chat to text, web to text, or email to text. As part of the HGS unified CX strategy, our DigiTEXT® employs text analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence (integrated with core CRM and other systems), which are all critical components of HGS Digital Natural Assist (DNA). Our DigiTEXT® drives learning and continuous experience and resolution optimization (such as location and CRM integration for personalization).

HGS Text Solutions Deliver the Right Answer Fast

Automated or Live Agent Assisted Text

Our Automated Text Solution deflects phone volume to automated self-service texting. DigiTEXT® has intelligent routing, which means we can recognize who the customer is, and why they are texting based on past interactions with the brand and route the customer to the fastest resolution. Our Live Agent Assisted Text Customer Service allows conversational texting, for an easier and more flexible way to connect with your brand. Additionally, our solution features text-enabling for existing 1-800 numbers or landlines.

Automation, Text Analytics, and Integrated Virtual Assistance

An intelligent knowledge base supports DigiTEXT®, to learn and improve performance. Analytics provides insights into where customers need the most support.

Amazing CX through Self-Service

Our DigiTEXT® solution provides a responsive, seamless experience when pivoting between channels and drives satisfaction with asynchronous support, so customers can engage naturally, at their own convenience.

Fast Deployment

Cloud-based solution is capital and asset light and can be designed, launched, and managed as a custom portal or integrated with your existing customer support page on your website.