Digital Natural Assist (DNA)

Making It Easier for Agents to Help Customers and for Customers to Help Themselves

of Consumers Will Always Check a Website Before Calling a Company
of Consumers use Web Self-Service
to Find Answers
of Consumers are "More Satisfied" When They Get Answers Quickly Online
of Consumers Now
Use Web Self-Service

Customer experience is typically designed around a customer sitting at home tethered to a phone or PC. That scenario no longer reflects reality. Customer experience needs to be rethought to reflect mobile customers on their mobile devices while on the go.

DNA is a platform, designed with a mobile-enabled customer in mind. DNA leverages company knowledge and bridges channels of interaction with an emphasis on empowering self-service while seamlessly integrating agent assistance.

What is DNA?

  • Self-service
  • Social Media Care
  • Auto-chat
  • Mobile Servicing (Apps)
  • IVR


One of the fastest growing interaction channels is self-service. Web/mobile enabled self-service channels empower your customers with "information at their fingertips" and reduce the costs of your overall customer service strategy.


Social Media Care

DNA integrates with social media platforms to help manage consumer concerns before they go viral in the digital world. It also has a built in capability of Live Chat agent support, which helps consumers when they need a human interaction. DNA's SocialAgent is an FAQ-based app engine that integrates with the Facebook so that visitors to your company page can find the information they need as quickly as possible.



A cost effective, self-serve based approach to handling routine customer questions via a highly interactive interface. The Auto Chat engine provides aligned, contextual responses to standard customer inquiries and intelligently and seamlessly routes the chat to a live agent when needed.


Mobile Servicing (Apps)

HGS handles mobile servicing from application design through to integration into your customer interaction center, delivering a brand-building customer experience to the customer on-the-go.



DNA provides IVR options that allow agents to extend a voice call to a digital channel and then work collaboratively with your customer to resolve issues with ease.

  • Agent assisted
  • Email
    (Click to Mail)
  • Chat for Sales and Service
    (Proactive, Live, Click, Mobile)
  • Video Chat
  • Text (SMS)
  • Click to Call


Instant access to a web form/email for your customers to make non-urgent inquiries to your customer service team.


Chat for Sales and Service

  • Proactive Chat - An integrated extension of the auto chat capability, this solution provides a seamless transfer to a live chat associate. This capability uses intelligent targeting based on analytics and business rules to connect customers to a live chat associate at the moment when they are most likely to convert. Proactive chat can be deployed for sales and service scenarios.
  • Live, Interceptive Chat - Used when your customer navigates to the Contact Us page. The assumption is that they are looking for a number to call but the chat option may be preferred. A pop up alert to chat with a live associate is presented before the contact information is displayed for other methods of communication, leaving that option open for easy access.
  • Click to Chat - Extends our award-winning customer experience to the web-chat channel with On Demand "click-to-chat" service. Our "Live chat" associates help your customers complete a purchase transaction, find solutions to queries, navigate your website (through co-browsing where appropriate), manage their concerns, process payments, and so much more.

Video Chat

Providing an increasingly interactive touch to the chat environment, HGS offers one- and two-way video chat with your customers. Equipped with high-end video and audio quality communication, HGS Video Chat is beneficial for live product demonstrations, complex troubleshooting, or providing in-store experience. Through Video Chat, you can also offer premium service for select customer segments, providing an innovative channel of distinction within the customer experience.


Text (SMS)

As an extension of our mobile servicing, HGS offers your customers mobile chat, allowing them to take their chats "to-go." With a customer culture that has fully embraced SMS/texting; mobile chats allow customers to interact with your business over a comfortable channel, easily accessible while away from their computer.


Click to Call

By clicking a button at any time during the chat, your customer can switch to a "voice enabled" chat or request the agent call immediately, or request a call at a scheduled time. Continuing the same conversation over a voice channel can allow complex or sensitive situations to be addressed and resolved easier, emotions defused, and miscommunications avoided. The web-chat can stay open for the agent to push links or other information to your customer during the call when needed.

  • Knowledge Management
  • Customer Information (CRM) Integration
  • Business Analytics

Knowledge Management

DNA provides a self-help oriented first line of consumer management by pulling the data together from internal libraries of the existing knowledge repository and existing systems.


Customer Information (CRM) Integration

DNA seamlessly integrates and communicates with any CRM to provide or obtain consumer interaction-related information and capture consumer inputs.


Business Analytics

Analytics can be combined and cross compared across a variety of channels including speech, text, and social media monitoring.

Why DNA?

Regardless of device or channel, DNA provides a unified customer engagement solution. The solution optimizes customer experience and provides consistent messaging across the brand. It streamlines and simplifies the customer experience to help customers find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

  • Empowers self-help: DNA allows consumers to easily access information themselves.
  • Predictively solves consumer inquiries at the earliest touch point: For the UK government, HGS ultimately consolidated 32 disparate Visa inquiry services into one centralized solution, providing consistent and reliable information to applicants.
  • Device agnostic: DNA standardizes the information provided across web, phone and in-person touchpoints.
  • Flexible and scalable: DNA is not capital intensive, meaning companies can easily migrate their information to DNA without modifying their infrastructure.
  • Seamlessly integrated: DNA has the flexibility to communicate with any CRM and information platform for providing or obtaining consumer interaction-related information and capturing the consumer inputs.
  • Efficient: DNA empowers agents to quickly and efficiently provide relevant solutions through a consistent and robust knowledge base.
  • Supports consistent messaging: DNA facilitates consistent brand messaging across all customer channels.