Faster Responses and Improved Customer Experience with Chat

HGS DigiCHAT is able to support the customer lifecycle from beginning to end. Similar to our voice offerings, we can help with:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer service and support
  • Billing
  • Complaints management
  • Saves and retention

HGS DigiCHAT is a key channel for any business looking to give its connected customer a variety of ways to get the product and service information they need. Our DigiCHAT platform is a device-agnostic channel, allowing your customers to engage in a web chat session either on-demand, or through proactive popup invitations triggered by customer behavior (e.g., number of clicks or amount of time spent on the page), or on more sophisticated customer profile and business rules. Customers' questions or concerns can be serviced securely through either an automated (virtual) or live agent, depending on complexity and sensitivity, via web, smartphone, tablet, or any other connected, web-enabled device.

Automation, Analytics, and Integrated Virtual Assistance

An intelligent knowledge base learns over time. Interaction analytics provides insights into contract drivers and points of escalation.


Channel pivoting solution pivots user according to preference, from voice, web, or social site to chat or messaging on any device.

Amazing CX Through Self-Service

Stellar service includes usability optimization, decision trees, knowledge base integration, interactive videos, content pushes, co-browsing, and pivots to voice support.

Easy and Quick Deployment in 90–120 Days:

Cloud-based solution is capital and asset light and can be designed, launched, and managed as a custom portal or integrated with your existing customer support page on your website.