Delivers Cost Savings, CSAT, and Insights

In today's marketplace, customers are in control. In fact, 70% of consumers would use channels other than the phone if they felt confident they could get a resolution on the first attempt, according to Ovum research. The signposts are all indicating that social media is a key driver of optimized customer experience and, ultimately, builder of brand affinity and customer retention. For today's companies—all competing on customer experience—sound social media strategy calls for a firm grasp of how to optimize this maturing channel. HGS DigiSOCIAL can help.

DigiSOCIAL Delivers the Right Answer Fast

Opportunity to reduce call volume associated with top call drivers

Customer needs support in an environment that is not conducive to voice support

Self-service deflection via solutions like automated social messaging, peer-to-peer communities, and the Facebook FAQ tab

On-the-go customers benefit from asynchronous support (like, multi-taskers, manage in between priorities, start-stopcontinue)

An alternative to expensive phone and email surveys, with low response rates

With high m-commerce or mobile app usage by customers, social messaging may be a better support channel

After-hours support


Amazing CX Through Self-Service

Our DigiSOCIAL provides amazing CX through self-service with a responsive, seamless experience and asynchronous support, so customers can engage naturally, at their own convenience