Customer Experience Management

Start the Customer Journey Right to Build Customers for Life

HGS brings the voice of the customer to the digital and web experience. Our 40-year history of directly managing consumer interactions and transactions, combined with our digital transformation expertise ensures your digital presence provides the right start to your customers' journey. It is now an established fact that a resourceful and remarkable customer experience deeply impacts the memory of your customers, which develops into trust and eventually, customer loyalty.

HGS provides you with a comprehensive range of solutions:

  • Customer Journey Mapping
    Through research, focus groups and segmentation, HGS maps the customer journey across every touch point to eliminate dissatisfiers and achieve the customer's goals as efficiently as possible. The aim here is to support the customer from the early stages of query to after-sales support, in order to drive repurchasing by the customer.
  • Digital Channel Strategy
    While other companies manage services in a multichannel environment, HGS's strategic partnerships and alliances allow us to deploy and enable channels and then manage them using best-in-class platforms. This is done effectively with a strategy based on real and feasible digital tactics.
  • Brand Positioning
    Brand positioning involves a seamless approach across all communicative channels of the brand, in order to make your brand the most preferred one. As a result, your brand is projected as one that prioritises customer requirements. HGS supports your creative agency with consumer-minded, strategy-focused branding.
  • Web Traffic Analysis
    As your website receives visits, HGS helps your brand not just record and measure, but also analyse the traffic on your site. This insightful analysis helps you segregate visits and strategize accordingly for the creation of customised content. Through such analyses, you can also gauge the level of success of your web efforts.
  • Unified Customer Experience Model
    HGS brings together synergies within your multiple service delivery channels – whether a customer contacts you through voice, social or white mail, the agent gets a holistic view as HGS oversees the process, right from enabling to delivering. This eliminates confusion and no handoffs. Besides these, consultative strategy is what provides an edge to our clients' delivery.