Digital Enablement

Enable the Success of Your Brand Online

In a competitive world where businesses move with lightning speed, HGS understands that a successful Customer Self Service Strategy concentrates on the needs of the customer. We focus on reducing time and effort required by customers to resolve issues by minimizing escalations and providing an easily accessible and usable system.

HGS offers a complete suite of digital enablement solutions:

  • Self-Service Portals:
    Once we devise the digital strategy for your brand, we develop user- friendly websites to resolve queries, receive relevant data and expand the knowledge base for better decision making. Our custom developed apps and widgets integrate with your existing CRM, ERP and Microsoft Dynamics databases.
  • Virtual Chats:
    To provide adequate support and enhance your digital presence, HGS provides virtual chat solutions. These solutions are extended in the form of an automated chat buddy, who helps your customers find solutions in a systematic manner without waiting for human intervention. These supplementary tools are designed to deflect phone calls from the call center, drive online sales, and provide a more streamlined customer experience.
  • SaaS Based Portals:
    At HGS, we apply our expertise and experience to develop platforms that suit and serve your requirements, from Company Intranet Portals to e-Learning Portals, Knowledge Management Portals to e-commerce Portals and Job Portals.
  • Mobile Applications:
    As mobile technology has become a business prerequisite, we develop mobile apps across platforms like iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, and Windows. These aesthetically designed, intuitive and functional apps serve multiple stakeholders (customers, management, employees and partners).