Digital Marketing

Inspiring and Educating Customers, Driving Online Sales

A sound digital marketing strategy customizes content for different stages of the customer journey, whether it's need identification, inspiration, education, validation, or justification. HGS supports your brand and your agency relationships by providing a comprehensive view of your consumer. By developing rich and detailed customer personas, including demographic, technographic, and ethnographic insights, we help you understand customer motivation on a psychological level, within the context of their goals and help identify opportunities for your brand to influence customer decisions.

HGS approaches each client engagement with an in-depth strategic review of your brand, competitive position in the marketplace, customer base, and opportunities for additional customer engagement.

HGS provides

  • Online Promotional Activities
    HGS display advertising, PR, direct marketing and sales promotions are dynamic, data-driven solutions that provide an integrated, cost-effective strategy. HGS enhances consumer awareness and attraction with online display ads based on the content consumers are viewing (contextual targeting), their prior search behaviour (behavioral targeting), and their web surfing habits (re-targeting).
  • SEO and SEM
    HGS provides proficient SEO and SEM solutions that help increase your brand's visibility on search engines. Visits to your website are tracked and visitors are segmented to inform future marketing campaigns.
  • Digital PR
    We combine traditional PR methods with the digital channels of social media, search and content marketing for active publicity of your brand through engaging interactions. Digital PR can deliver exceptional results when it comes to connecting with your target audience.
  • Web Presence Management
    As consumer media consumption preferences continue to shift towards digital formats, HGS has developed industry-leading web presence management services. HGS' channel agnostic approach executes integrated marketing campaigns across any media channel, depending on the needs of the client.
  • Content Marketing
    Traditional marketing communications take an "inside-out" approach that pushes content from within an organization to the outside audience. As experts in content marketing and brand strategy, HGS uses an "outside-in"
    model that starts with an understanding of the end consumer, their goals, and journey to conversion. Based on this understanding, HGS crafts branded content that generates engagement and provides consumers with useful information that enables them to reach the next stage of their customer journey.
  • Video Storytelling
    Video provides a way to create a stronger emotional connection with your target audience. HGS specializes in identifying what type and timing of video content, and in what channels or formats, will help clients realize their business goals, whether they are around acquisition, engagement, cross-sell, or loyalty.
  • Native Advertising
    We help promote your brand through native advertising forms such as Suggested Posts (Facebook), Promoted Tweets (Twitter), editorial content, etc.
  • Online Lead Generation
    HGS understands the multiple influencers at play along the path to purchase – and incorporates them in the marketing strategy. Our methodology to achieve this includes interactive websites, 'blogging for business', social media connections, and search engine marketing and optimization.