Voice Contact Center Services

HGS's voice contact center services are integral to the balance of both traditional and digital that sets the right tone for today's optimized customer experience. With our Sales, Marketing, and Growth; Customer Care and Retention; and Product Support and Resolution services, we help both our clients and their customers get the right answer fast. Whether the question is the need for new revenue via upsell and cross-sell, solving customer care queries, improving CSAT and retention, or technical troubleshooting , HGS takes a high-touch, high-empathy approach that gets results.

Sales, Marketing, and Growth

Today's optimized CX starts even before the sale. HGS's proactive, tailored sales approach relies on insightful strategy and robust multi/omni channel offerings that enhance customer experience to build entire lifetime value. We are experts at connecting with your customers to up-sell and cross-sell products, accessories, extended warranties, add-on features, and services while maintaining industry-leading CSAT. Our up-sell and cross-sell strategies are custom-designed to maximize the value of each customer contact and further promote your brands and products. This focused approach delivers real outcomes for our client partners: breakthrough revenue growth, profitability, and optimized resources.

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Customer Care and Retention

In today's business environment, every service moment matters. In fact, recent IBM research shows that one negative experience can drop a customer's loyalty by half. You can count on HGS to ensure each experience meets escalating customer expectations. For 40-plus years, we've managed consumer interactions and transactions to build on a customer care foundation of customer journey mapping, brand positioning, and a unified customer experience model. Our skilled and dedicated team members ensure a sales-through-service focus that puts our clients and their customers first to maximize our clients' customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

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Product Support and Resolution

For a customer experience that is frictionless, friendly, and focused, our scalable, technology-enabled support is enabled by a predictive and proactive approach. We provide a broad array of services, from technical trouble shooting to more comprehensive support comprising warranty, parts, reverse logistics and repair, and replacement. Our product support meets the demand of consumer electronics, mobile devices, consumer packaged goods, office supplies, durable goods, automotive, and virtually any manufactured product for mass consumption. We drive differentiation with product support and problem resolution to enhance service levels and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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