Business Process Optimization

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Business Process Optimization

Streamlining your operations, and improving the bottom line.

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Back Office

HGS's back-office solutions combine a strong competence in automation, analytics, and Six Sigma to deliver breakthrough business process transformation.

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Human Resources Outsourcing

Using cloud-based technologies and HR best practices gleaned from more than 400 human resources outsourcing (HRO) clients, HGS's HRO services help identify and manage HR processes to become simplified, automated, and outsourced.

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HGS sales support solutions are proven to save sales professionals time and drive cost-containment, and revenue generation with HGS teams dedicated to supporting your sales engine.

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Back Office

HGS understands that achieving an exceptional customer experience at every point in the customer journey is not just about what happens in the front office. HGS back-office solutions combine strong competence in delivering business process transformation.

Order Processing

Payment recording, dispute investigation, dispute settlement, bill generation, bill dispatch, transaction reconciliation, payment break-up plan

Order Fulfillment

Promotion items and samples in single-piece orders to specific end-user consumers, or bulk shipments to events or dealers

Account Management

Account maintenance, account level modifications, account/ taxation reconciliation

Loyalty Program Management

Account retention, loyalty/retention programs, customer/account retention, and product retention

Account Management

Rules-based, transaction-level fraud detection and handling, including check fraud detection, new account risk review, know-your-customer (KYC) revision, anti-money laundering (AML) checks, and Office of Fair Trading (OFT) transactions

Document Management

Document management and file processing

Claims Processing

Account creation, policy issuance, loan origination, payment calculation, risk assessment, KYC processing

Revenue Cycle Management

Financial clearance, coding accuracy, cash recoveries,  and denial reversals


Rules-based underwriting, automation, case management, rating, and rate-class assignment

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Human Resources Outsourcing

Using cloud-based technologies and HR best practices gleaned from more than 400 human resources outsourcing (HRO) clients, HGS's HRO services help identify and manage HR processes to become simplified, automated, and outsourced.

Payroll Management

HGS offers centralized payroll services
that bring the best of standardization, compliance, automation, and security. Let us help you with: pay slips and letter generation, benefits administration, retirement, taxation and visa documentation, total rewards, bonuses and incentives, expense and travel disbursements, leave and attendance.

Employee Leave Management Portal

Let HGS lighten the burden by putting leave management administration in employees' hands. We bring a secure portal for employees to access salary, overtime, leave, attendance, benefits, scheduling, biometric card reader data, logged hours, expense, travel, meal, and other HR data.

HR Consulting and Analytics Services

HGS's HRO consulting team defines service delivery models that yield real value. Our goal is to increase efficiency and effectiveness using analytics for root cause and predictive analysis. For example, predict attrition, manage retention, identify high potential performers, plan assignments and projects, and link engagement to performance.

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B2B Sales Support

HGS sales support solutions are proven to save sales professionals time and drive cost-containment and revenue generation, with HGS teams dedicated to supporting your sales engine.

HGS Sales Support paves the way for sales efficiencies


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Optimized Salesforce and Business Intelligence

With better content management through expert trainers, teams gain insight with the support of data driven marketing programs, product development, and better sales targeting.

Increased Selling and Relationship Management

Our sales support specialists manage and accelerate your marketing campaigns through cross-functional teamwork and collaboration with your team and key vendors.

Reduced Time to Proficiency and Improved Training

Bringing our insight and understanding of your sales methodologies and cycles, our Sales Support Team can deliver training to bring your new sales representatives up-to-speed faster.

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