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In today’s smart shopper marketplace, it’s critical to create brand awareness and educate consumers during the research phase of the journey. At HGS, we have an in-house digital agency equipped with robust solutions designed to attract new buyers into the lead generation pipeline.


  • Web, mobile, and UI design
  • Lead generation
  • Campaign management

Digital Innovation

  • Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, HGS EPICTM social media marketing
  • Data-driven digital marketing
  • Ad segmentation and targeting

Strategy & Consulting

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Messaging strategy
  • Personalization strategy
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No matter what product or service you’re selling, we have expert sales professionals and licensed agents who are well trained at acquisition as well as cross-selling/up-selling strategies. Our sales professionals, combined with the right mix of technology, create solutions that are designed to convert interested buyers into first-time or repeat customers.


  • Sales and licensed professionals
  • Conversions
  • Up-selling/cross-selling

Digital Innovation

  • Chat and co-browsing
  • Virtual assistants
  • Marketing automation

Strategy & Consulting

  • Cart abandonment strategies
  • Up-selling/cross-selling approach
  • Segmentation and churn analytics
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Once a purchase has been made, the CX journey continues on with ensuring correct orders, bills, and invoices are available at the consumer’s fingertips. Our bill solutions are designed to help make the billing, invoicing, or claims process effortless for both consumers and brands.


  • Bill payment/reimbursements
  • Disputes and claims management
  • Collections

Digital Innovation

  • SMS bill payment reminders
  • Back-office automation
  • Virtual assistants for easy payment

Strategy & Consulting

  • Fraud, waste, and abuse strategies
  • Payment integrity strategies
  • Predictive analytics for defaults
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Customer care is one of the most important consumer journey stages. It can often make or break a relationship between a consumer and the brand. Our solutions are designed to be personalized, anticipatory, empathic, and effortless when it comes to customer service or technical support inquiries.


  • Customer care
  • Product support
  • Concierge desk

Digital Innovation

  • Self-service portals
  • HGS EPICTM social care for ORM
  • In-app mobile messaging

Strategy & Consulting

  • VOC insights and analytics
  • Volume-deflection strategies
  • Omnichannel consulting
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All brands strive to ensure their products and service meet the needs of their consumers; however, many times they will fall short It’s in these moments, brands one last chance to save a relationship. Our solutions are designed to assist consumers with product defects, reduce cancellations or returns, and maintain warranty or repair costs for our clients.


  • Warranty claims management
  • Save the sale
  • Product defect troubleshooting

Digital Innovation

  • Self-service portals
  • Mobile cam for troubleshooting
  • Back office automation for claims

Strategy & Consulting

  • Predictive analytics for churn
  • Warranty analytics
  • Cancelled order analytics
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Customer loyalty and trust is built over time throughout the journey. Being brilliant at the basics, creating moments of surprise by being proactive, and leveraging VOC insights to better the experience are critical. We’ve designed solutions to retain existing customers, deepen loyalty and expand share of wallet.


  • Retention concierge desk
  • Renewals and cancellations
  • Loyalty program management

Digital Innovation

  • Social reviews and moderation
  • Auto re-order alerts
  • Self-service for feedback submission

Strategy & Consulting

  • VOC analytics and insights
  • CSAT/NPS survey consulting
  • Online reputation management

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