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Customer Engagement

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When your customers want to hear a friendly voice on the line, we can help. This high-touch, high-empathy engagement option can help deliver exceptional customer experiences, beyond expectation. Drive customer retention, loyalty and generate new revenue via upsell and cross-sell.

Best-In-Class VOIP Telephony

We leverage the best-in-class telephony technology to ensure an uninterrupted and clear conversation, with little to no downtime.

Callback Features

Never make your customers wait on hold again. Give them the ability to schedule a callback and hold their place in line.

Speech Analytics

Leverage speech analytics to decode the voice of the customer. Receive an in-depth analysis to help make better business decisions.

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Historically, email was a great channel for non-urgent inquiries. Over time, it has become one of the highest sources of volume for customer care. Our team has figured out a way to innovate email using intelligent forms to deflect the "easy" inquiries into an effortless self-service option to significantly reduce voice contacts resulting from email.

Intelligent Forms

Abandon the typical 48-hour email response time by leveraging our intelligent forms, which help deflect the easy email inquiries into an effortless self-service experience.

Artificial Intelligence

We help our agents find the right answer, fast by leveraging artificial intelligence to predict the right response to an email inquiry.

Creative and User Friendly Design

Customer service emails don't have to be dull and boring. HGS's creative digital marketing agency helps our clients design email templates that are engaging and user friendly.

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Chat is an important channel for those brands looking to increase online revenue or provide an effortless customer care experience. This device-agnostic channel allows your customers to engage in a web chat session either on-demand and with a more sophisticated, customized service.

Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop Chat

Whether you are deploying chat for customer acquisition, account servicing or retention, our team will help design a chat experience that is device agnostic, and effortless- to drive dramatic business results.

Real-time Sentiment Analytics

Watch and observe the sentiment and emotion of your customers in real time, and jump into the conversation when necessary.

Analytics to Drive E-Commerce Sales

Leveraging real-time analytics and business rules, we can populate a chat invite to the right customer, at the right time, in order to drive conversations.

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With both automated and live agent-assisted texting options, businesses can deflect call volume and allow a more conversational way for customers to connect with a brand—all while arriving at the answers needed to help solve customer challenges, via mobile device and on-the-go! 

Proactive Text Notifications

Help deflect volume by notifying customers with a text message alert before they even realize they have a need. This solution is ideal for order status updates, subscription renewal, data usage overage, potential fraud, and credit card expiring.

Two-Way Text Customer Service

Give on-the-go customers the option of contacting customer service via SMS by text enabling toll-free or 800 number. Make it easy for customers to send pictures of videos of defective products.

Text Analytics to Decode the Voice of the Customer

Learn what customers are inquiring about using text analytics. Receive an analysis segmented by praise, complaints, suggestions, questions, and requests, and use it to share with the enterprise to help make business decisions.

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By leveraging Al and automation, we come up with a solution to help our clients manage their social volume and filter through the noise, leaving only the engage-oriented messages for response. Those actionable posts get prioritized in order of importance and routed to the right team—for example, customer care, PR, marketing, sales—for a response.  

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to weed out the non-actionable posts, so agents don't waste valuable time reviewing. Apply rules based automation to route the right posts, to the right team for response.

The E.P.I.C. Approach

Engage. Protect. Inform. Create. Engage 24/7/365 with customers to resolve inquiries in channel. Protect the brand’s reputation from a PR crisis. Inform internal teams on trends shared by customers. Create memorable moments using authentic and creative responses.

Chatbots for Facebook Messenger

Chatbots can have huge benefits if deployed correctly, using the right resources to optimize the machine learning technology. We help our clients design and deploy a chatbot strategy for volume deflection, which is perfect for seasonal or peak times

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Customers want accurate, relevant, and complete answers to their questions, on first contact. They demand a web experience that's fast, low-effort, and engaging. We help our clients build an online help center so customers can resolve their issues without contacting customer service. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Easy Search

We help customers find the right answer, fast, by deploying NLP for an easy Googlized search. No longer do customers have to sift through hundreds of results, hoping to find the answer.

Smart Channel Selector for Channel Guidance

Using our Smart Channel Selector, we guide customers to one right answer, or the best channel for resolution.

Analytics for Optimization

By deploying an analytical dashboard on the backend of the on-line help center, we track whether customers are getting their issues resolved via self-service and work to continually optimize the portal.

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Mobile-Camera Support 

Easy to Deploy, No App Required Tap into your customer's video camera while on the phone with them, by sending a simple link via SMS. Once clicked, the video camera will launch and allow service reps to see what the customer is seeing. It's that easy. No app or downloads are required.

Easy to Deploy, No App Required

Tap into your customer's video camera while on the phone with them, by sending a simple link via SMS. Once clicked, the video camera will launch and allow service reps to see what the customer is seeing it's that easy. No app or downloads are required.

Capture Images While Viewing

While viewing the live video, agents can take screen shots of the product for documentation and warranty history. Allowing them to draw on the image and take notes where needed.

Reduce AHT, Warranty Claims, Product Returns, and More!

A picture, and, better yet, video, is worth a thousand words. Help your agents diagnose product models or walk customers through installations easily with the click of a button, saving time, money, and resources.

Mobile Messaging

Mobile Messaging

Mobile messaging is the perfect customer service and sales solution for any company that has a mobile app that is used for orders, reservations, transactions and more. Talk to your customers right there inside the app.

Send and Receive Multimedia

While inside the app, give customers and agents the ability to send pictures of videos back and forth for a better shopping or service experience.

Start, Stop, and Continue Conversations

Allow your customers the ability to start, stop, and continue the conversation with an agent, without having to end the session. This strategy provides a very convenient and effortless experience for your on-the-go customers.

Text Analytics to Decode the Voice of the Customer

Learn what your customers are inquiring about using text analytics. Receive an analysis broken down by praise, complaints, suggestions, questions and requests and use it to share with the enterprise and help make business decisions.


Work-at-Home Agents

A work-at-home customer care team can be the perfect solution for your hiring, staffing, and attrition obstacles.

Ramp Seasonally

Expanding your recruiting footprint using a work-at-home team, gives you the flexibility you need to ramp seasonally or during a crisis or recall.

Cover All Hours of Operation while Decreasing Attrition

No more challenges trying to find team members willing to work the overnight or weekend shifts. This coverage supports you when you need it most.

Expand Your Recruiting Footprint

Expand your recruiting footprint and talent pool by finding the right-fit agent and skillset for the right role and position.

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