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Our Areas of Expertise

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Operational Analytics

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Customer Analytics

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Predictive Analytics


HGS PULSE is a contact center data analytics platform that provides visibility into business performance and customer insights.

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The Value HGS PULSE brings:
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Drill down into how many customers are contacting and why

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Tap into your contact center’s operational performance in real-time

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Act proactively by predicting customer churn and loyalty

Bring together disparate data sources such as switch, workforce management, quality, sales, and CRM to provide one single accurate view into operational performance and customer insights.

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Operational Analytics

  • Operational Metrics

    • ASA, AHT, Abandons, Hold Time, Talk Time, SLA, and more

  • Workforce Management

    • Schedule Adherence

    • Absences

    • Breaks

  • Quality Insights

    • Scores, Fatal errors

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Customer Analytics

  • Customer Insights

    • Volume by channel, brand, product

  • Product Insights

    • Complaints, quality

  • Sales Insights

    • Total sales, refunds, cancellation, avg. order value

  • Survey Insights

    • Factors affecting DSAT

  • Detractor and Promoter Insights

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Predictive Analytics

  • Customer Loyalty Analytics

    • Likeliness to buy, buy more frequently

  • Customer Churn Prediction

    • Likely to leave

  • Recommendation Engines

    • Which packages, products, you should offer?

  • Customer Attribution

    • Which channels, geographies yield highest revenue?

Providing Visibility Into the Customer Experience
Learn how HGS PULSE lets CX professionals tap into a contact center's performance using operational analytics, while also decoding the voice of the customer to provide better insights for making business decisions that affect the customer experience.
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Thought Leadership & Resources

Case Study

HGS PULSE platform drives 40% improvement in reporting efficiency

Case Study

Driving Revenue through Customer Experience


Unlock the power of delivering great CX through our advanced contact center analytics platform

Case Study
HGS Empowers Retailer with More Actionable VOC Survey, Analytics

HGS Empowers Retailer with More Actionable VOC Survey, Analytics

Award Winning Solution
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