Case Study

Exceeding Save and Retention Rates to Save Millions

When an industry-leading company was launching their car sharing concept in 2007, the goals was brand differentiation in alignment with their aggressive, forward-thinking business model. In 2009, the company chose HGS to support their plans for growth, and innovation. This 24/7, 365 program includes inbound voice and email support. Agents assist contacts with questions regarding membership and car reservations. They help members with issues and challenges encountered during the reservation including technical troubleshooting—for example, checking the voltage on the car battery or opening a locked car door, all from the client-extended desktop. 

As true partners, HGS understands that when customers contact the company, their main goals are to get quick assistance and/or accurate resolution and get on their way. Agents provide speedy assistance and gentle reminders of the company’s six simple rules to reinforce the car-sharing company’s culture and member responsibility. Additionally, HGS manages a number of back office tasks, including roadside assistance, reimbursements, and billing adjustments.

Affirming a superior customer experience begins at the onset of a company contact. HGS’s friendly, professional agents explain the program, the six simple rules, and register members into the program by documenting their contact and credit card information. A welcome packet is then sent out from the HGS Fulfillment team with their key card, which is similar to a hotel key card. The assigning of the company’s card at the start of the reservation is a valuable part of the reservation process because this card links the appropriate driver to the correct vehicle at a specific time. Members then make reservations online, via the company’s iPhone or Android application or directly through our agents. Our member service agents have direct access into the company’s reservation system and are able to change reservations, adjust time schedules, change out cars, send roadside assistance, and even unlock the car remotely for company’s members.

Our Solution

1. Increased Revenue

How We Do It
For certain client products, HGS identified simple upselling items. We also developed an incentive strategy, with merit/
shift bid goals based on the team goals, which are set by the client. As part of our plan, we meet with new hires to discuss ways to improve and keep the sale. We post metrics on a weekly basis, versus end of the month. Daily dashboards are updated, and roundtables are held to agent feedback on where we can improve. In the case of poor performance, we issue corrective action. Finally, during call verification, we remind the CSR of upsell opportunities to offer to the caller.

Business Result
We have increased revenue/contact to $3.31 in the past three years. This is a 9% increase in net gain ($1.41/contact) from the previous year.

2. Save the Sale

How We Do It
In 2011, our team was challenged to improve retention rates in the company’s Save the Sale Programs. HGS conducted
a focus group with front-line agents to discuss optimal ways to improve our retention rates and proactively retain
membership. We discovered options that we could provide to members contemplating leaving and presented these options to staff, who enthusiastically agreed to our new approach. Additionally, we implemented new agent goals that hold each agent accountable for attaining a minimum 35% retention rate.

Business Result
Since implementing our team’s ideas, the program has consistently attained a save rate of 40% or higher, exceeding
the client’s goal and salvaging millions in annual revenue. HGS was recently rewarded for our efforts when our client chose to extend their partnership with us for another three years. HGS has focused our efforts on helping our client create a program centered on a unique company culture and worked to enhance processes for faster service resolution, better member retention for their program, and increased cost efficiencies.

3. Transition 

How We Do It
With our depth of experience in staffing client programs, we used a phased approach to recruit, hire, and train 100 agents
at launch date in 2009. This program included a two-week training program.

Business Result
The program was 100 percent staffed and managing 100 percent of the client’s call volume in just four weeks. Examples
of the strategies we used to accomplish this tight project timeline include:

  • Traditional advertising and increased employee referral bonuses
  • Press releases to generate local news coverage of new job opportunities
  • Seeding the new team with tenured, experienced agents, and supervisors.
  • Train the trainer knowledge sharing.

We signed our letter of intent with this client on April 20 and went live 35 days later, on May 24, during one of the highestvolume holiday weekends this client experiences, meeting every implementation timeline milestone and goal.

4. Member Satisfaction

How We Do It
member satisfaction for the company while improving operational efficiencies. HGS created and implemented for the company a blended in-center and at-home agent solution, focused on cost control and business continuity. The home agent program is offered as a benefit for the team’s top in-center performers. Today, 60 percent of our agents are in-center agents and 40 percent are at-home agents, and it is a valuable growth incentive. We are continuing to add to our at-home agent team.

Business Result
Through this initiative, HGS has improved member satisfaction by 3%, and continues to maintain satisfaction and
NPS scores at a high level. Additionally, our ongoing focus on call control and agent training resulted in a reduced average handle time of nearly 17% when compared to the previous service partner.

Other key benefits are:

  • Cost efficiency driven by a lower cost for at-home agents versus in-center agents.
  • Business continuity to provide continuous service during adverse weather events.
  • Agent continuity with a lower attrition rate among home agents.