Case Study

In 2003, a global consumer products company was in search of a customer care partner aligned with their plans to build and scale a dynamic portfolio of differentiated, world-class brands. The company chose HGS as an agile and adaptable partner to help realize this vision of an ever-expanding product line focused on consumer sleep, health, personal care, cooking, and other daily necessities. And from day one, it has been a true meeting of the minds, demonstrated by an expanding portfolio supported by a strong core team and flexible seasonal support that adapts with the company’s changing, customized portfolio mix. Today, HGS supports 19 brands—a significant increase from the two brands HGS supported on day one.

Over the course of the past 13 years, HGS has been an unlimited partner in support of this client’s growth strategy. HGS recently introduced tailored innovation to support this client’s robust CX demand, via DigiCX. This digital customer service solution creates amazing CX while transforming costs with a closed-loop Unified Customer Experience Strategy®.  DigiCX includes HGS DigiCHAT and DigiTEXT

The mandate was clear from the outset of the partnership: HGS needed to continue to grow the business and take on more responsibilities to increase revenue and improve consumer experience. Fortunately, HGS had knowledgeable consumer products SMEs and dedicated leadership.  And HGS, with the same continuous goals as the client, was also in clear partnership alignment. 


HGS implemented a successful sales program and, since program launch, partners regularly with the product and marketing teams to perform product testing and provide feedback

1. Actionable Insights

How We Do It

In recent years, the client adopted the Salesforce CRM platform, and HGS immediately saw an opportunity to align this tool with our DigiINSIGHTs expertise to mine actionable and predictable operational data and provide consultative guidance. Our HGS business intelligence expert works closely with the client IT department for true value add. As part of our unlimited partner support, HGS assists with DigiINSIGHTs supported by Salesforce implementation for effective deployment; manages ongoing integration and support service; and reports for best practices curation and ongoing strategy alignment 

Business Result

Our Salesforce assistance has driven results including:

  1. 12% savings as a result of DigiCHAT and DigiTEXT support and workforce management in alignment with business intelligence— Before our Salesforce reporting and DigiINSIGHTs, the client was looking at divesting in chat and text solutions. HGS employed Salesforce to show a holistic view of the consumer affairs reality and greater revenue driven by these channels.
  2.  Salesforce alignment of content for mirroring of objects for most accurate capture of company data.
  3. Actionable insights as result of our shared comparison of HGS data mining related to customer purchasing behaviors after social media interaction or chat session—HGS determined a high incidence of web purchases post social media and chat interactions, directing the client to focus on this channel.

2. Digital Solution Support 

How We Do It

Last year, HGS began providing DigiCHAT support. This solution is supported by our Digital Natural Assist (DNA), which leverages company knowledge and bridges channels of interaction with an emphasis on empowering self-service while seamlessly integrating agent assistance.

This solution allows agents the ability to accept up to three simultaneous chats, to allow team members to efficiently handle multiple customer contacts in the same time it would take to complete one inbound contact. HGS also built on the DigiCX solution suite, in 2016 providing DigiTEXT.

Business Result

Today, DigiCX allows significant scale from 823 chats in 2015 to  5,263 chats in early 2016.

3. Scale to Accommodate Growth

How We Do It

With a core staff of 27 that flexes to 80 during seasonal peaks, HGS employs the universal agent model to optimize results for this client. This model ensures prioritization of task and service delivery, vs. dedication to achieve specialization. “It’s one of the main reasons the client is so pleased with our support,” says Scott Yates, HGS Client Services. “They like our operational tactics, brand attention, and the service quality we deliver.”

HGS also brings a robust training model with adult learning infrastructure, such as Blackboard Learn. This adult learning approach allows agents to learn at their own pace, which encourages mentorship and teamwork.

Business Result

HGS has managed workforce support to grow with the client, while simultaneously improving efficiencies. HGS does this by providing  significant training savings by sharing product training and best practices with another consumer products client. And with the expansion of support, customer care quality has remained strong. HGS has consistently met all service level expectations, with low abandonment rates. Under HGS’s leadership, cost has been reduced by managing to volume and cross training agents on other client family programs, which gives us the ability to move crosstrained agents among multiple programs. 

4. Social Media Support 

How We Do It

In 2014, HGS began providing social media support via Facebook and Instagram. Based on our solid performance on that channel, HGS was subsequently tasked with implementing Bazaar voice to respond to all consumer questions, rating and reviews on all client websites, and Amazon. HGS built a social media reporting strategy, consistently improving and streamlining processes, and providing more detailed feedback about what consumers are contacting us about and any trends we notice developing.

Business Result

HGS started social media support at 437 interactions annually, and as of early 2016 was already averaging 1,315 interactions. 


Looking ahead, the future is bright for this partnership. The client involves HGS in all levels of brand support, with collaborative focus extending to sending Product Development team members to the HGS Peoria site to showcase new products. Team member education includes product testing and agent survey participation, for a firsthand product understanding that shows in customer care delivery. “They are focused on their consumer, and they know we are right there with them in that,” Yates says.