HGS Military Outreach

HGS Military Outreach

In the military you learn to work as a team and Team HGS thrives on creating the same work culture. We embrace our veterans, reservists, and military spouses.

HGS as the Center of Excellence for Automated Enterprise

HGS Automated Enterprise is an end-to-end intelligent automation approach. HGS provides a front- to back-office automation solution that includes self-service, robotic process automation (RPA) plus cognitive learning, natural language processing, process improvements, error reduction, and speed and cost transformation. The Automated Enterprise is technology agnostic and leverages analytics and insights to innovate and improve.

HGS Voice Center of Excellence in India

HGS Voice Center of Excellence in India
With 80% of Customer Experience still managed by Voice Contact Services the call center is still the way to deliver high touch and high empathy engagement. HGS world-class voice call center service is the foundation of our unified customer experience strategy, leveraging the latest automation and analytics, to deliver the right answer fast.

HGS Health Center of Excellence in India

HGS Health Center of Excellence in India
For more than a decade, HGS has provided front- and back-office solutions tailored to our healthcare industry clients from across U.S., Canada, U.K., Philippines, Jamaica and India. We have the holistic lifecycle management expertise to build long-term relationships that engage, satisfy, and retain members and patients.  In this video we look at the expertise provided by the India team.

Automation to Help Get the Right Answer Fast

Automation to Help Get the Right Answer Fast
Want to learn more about what an effortless customer experience looks like? Watch as a fictional restaurant called Big Burger uses front office automation to ensure customer loyalty and retention. 

DigiCX: Service is a Two-Way Conversation

DigiCX Introduction
89% of brands want to compete primarily on the basis of great CX. But according to recent research, only 8% of them are doing a good job. Why the disconnect? It takes time, money and resources to create personalized experiences across a variety of touchpoints. But does the cost have to outweigh the benefit? Introducing DigiCX.

DigiCX: Personalized Connections for a Luxury Brand Experience

As a successful, luxury car brand, this client was looking to extend their brand in Europe and ensure an exemplary customer experience every step of the way. Partnering with HGS, the client built a state-of-the art customer care center in under two months. Using the DigiCX platform and suite of products, the customer care center supports unified engagement via voice, email, chat, and high-impact video chat.

DigiCX: High Empathy Customer Support

DigiCX: High Empathy Customer Support
HGS provided a unified digital customer engagement strategy that seamlessly combined high-empathy interaction through digital assist chat, voice, and email to support parents as they navigate through the first 1000 days of a baby's life. The new digital engagement added 24/7 access and made it easier than ever before for customers to connect with Danone.

HGS’s Digital Natural Assist help your customers to help themselves

DNA is a platform, designed with a mobile-enabled customer in mind. DNA leverages company knowledge and bridges channels of interaction with an emphasis on empowering self-service while seamlessly integrating agent assistance.

Who is HGS?

HGS is a leader in optimizing the customer experience and helping our clients to become more competitive. HGS provides a full suite of business process management (BPM) services from consumer interaction solutions to platform based back office services and digital enablement solutions. By applying analytics and interaction expertise to deliver innovation and thought leadership, HGS increases revenue, improves operating efficiency and helps retain valuable customers.

Customer Experience as a competitive advantage

Customer Experience as a competitive advantage
In this video, Lauren Kindzierski – VP Solutions and Capabilities, HGS , talks about how to make customer experiences real, seamless and valuable across multiple devices and channels. She says , understanding customer behavior patterns and addressing them in real time  is the key differentiator for companies to do better business with their customers.

Robotic Process Automation driving cost simplification & reducing time

Companies with large scale staffing for back office work with agents performing high-volume, highly transactional processes now use robotic process automation to increase capabilities and reduce cost and time. HGS’s Robotic Process Automation can help drive significant change in both front office and back office work. It can improve accuracy and quality in the short term and increase productivity & improve process time in the long run.

Leveraging analytics to drive customer retention & improve agent performance

Leveraging analytics to drive customer retention & improve agent performance
Interaction analytics has become an indispensable part of any customer engagement strategy. HGS has been leading this space with innovative speech analytics based approaches. 

Analytics to drive retention and individual development

Collecting data and analyzing numbers is just the beginning. HGS Analytics and Insights solutions are proven to develop actionable insights that transform your services and intelligently guide product enhancement decisions. The results are higher customer retention, increased satisfaction, and lower agent attrition by anticipating and addressing possible issues by proactively addressing issues.

Visionary approach to a Unified Customer Interaction Strategy

Customers today are looking at solutions that are speedy, accurate, empathetic and effective. HGS’s visionary approach helps connect the dots in a customer’s journey and create touch points at every step in order to build a Unified Engagement Strategy for organizations that will ultimately:

  • Reduce Operational cost
  • Optimize Revenue
  • Improve Customer Loyalty

HGS helps save lives

HGS staffs more than 1,500 RNs (Registered Nurses) offering end-to- end healthcare solutions. HGS' programs range from general member engagement such as claims status inquires to highly complex medical necessity calls (e.g. 9-1-1) as well as a full spectrum of back office processes from simple data entry to highly intricate, effective, and accurate medical cost management programs.

Optimize each touch-point along the customer journey with HGS

Are you ready? Online shopping is increasingly popular and research studies are showing the potential:

  • 61% of global internet users research products online (Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance)
  • 44% of online shoppers begin their journey by using a search engine (Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance)
  • Over the next 5 years, online revenues are projected to increase at 8.6% per year (IBIS World)
  • 71% of online shoppers now think that the best deals are available online and 66% believe that they get better prices there (www metrics)

Customer self-service starts with knowing the customer

Perfecting the customer journey one interaction at a time means we listen to customers and the reasons they are calling.  Using speech and business analytics, the HGS Business Excellence team proactively anticipates key call driver topics, publishing videos and valuable knowledge base articles that can easily be found online or via a mobile device.  Helping the customer, when and where they want to be supported, regardless of device…that’s great customer self-service.

Building a brand online is critical to compete

We like to call ourselves the brain behind the brand! And this is a story of how we helped a Paints pioneer become a digital giant. Building more than 29.5 million social media impressions, and trending #1 on Twitter, several innovative digital tools were created for a better brand experience.

Looking for a one stop shop for digital solutions

Look no further. This video explores the combination of business insights, big ideas and futuristic technology required to achieve a digital revolution. A complete set of digital services, a marquee client base and a world class portfolio are some of the reasons you should consider HGS to support your Digital Marketing & Enablement Services requirements.